This delicious Spirulina Smoothie is filled with tropical flavors and a huge boost of detoxifying, alkalizing, and immunity-boosting nutrients! It’s ultra-satisfying, creamy, and super easy to make! Add a tablespoon or two of sea moss gel to pack in even more nutrients!

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Superfood Spirulina Smoothie with fresh pineapple, zucchini, and bowl of spirulina powder in background

The Best Superfood Green Spirulina Smoothie!

I have to start by saying, I LOVE THIS SMOOTHIE! I’ve been drinking it every day for over a week, and I still cannot get enough of it! It’s so easy and quick to make, and filled with all of my favorite ingredients!

Here’s why I love this Spirulina Smoothie and think you will too!

  • The smoothie has a lovely tropical flavor from the frozen mango and pineapple!
  • It is the perfect creamy texture, thanks to the zucchini.
  • It is incredibly nutrient-dense, detoxifying, and alkalizing for the body!
  • The taste of the spirulina blends in perfectly with the ingredients –it is not overpowering AT ALL.
  • Has tons of plant-based protein (11 grams per serving!!), vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, thanks to the spirulina, hemp seeds, and sea moss gel!
two spirulina smoothie with spirulina powder, sliced pineapple, and zucchini in the background

What Is Spirulina + Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina is a blue-green alga that is highly nutritious! Due to its incredible nutrient profile, it is considered a powerful superfood. It has:

ingredients needed to make a spirulina smoothie: frozen mango, frozen pineapple, non-dairy milk, hemp seeds, raw zucchini, spirulina powder, sea moss gel

Ingredients You’ll Need To Make This Spirulina Smoothie

  • Spirulina Powder: Add one teaspoon of green or blue spirulina powder per serving, plus more as desired.
  • Frozen Mango and Frozen Pineapple: These fruits give the smoothie a delicious tropical flavor.
  • Hemp Seeds: for extra omega3s, omega6s, and protein.
  • Raw Zucchini: Makes the smoothie creamy and is a great source of potassium, folate, and antioxidants. I like to peel the skin before using it to give my smoothie the best texture.
  • Non-Dairy Milk: Use your favorite dairy-free milk. I like to use unsweetened almond milk.
  • Sea Moss Gel (optional): It has 92 of the 102 minerals that the body needs, and contains immunity-boosting properties!
ingredients for a spirulina smoothie shown in a blender

How To Make A Spirulina Smoothie

Making a spirulina smoothie is super easy! Simply grab a high-powered blender and combine the ingredients until smooth! Remember, the spirulina will turn any drink into a green hue, or blue if you are using blue spirulina!

1 spirulina smoothie with spirulina powder, sliced pineapple, and zucchini in the background

How Much Spirulina Should I Add To My Smoothie?

One teaspoon per serving is enough to enjoy the benefits of spirulina, but you can always add more. Keep in mind that spirulina has a slight seaweed taste. It can be easily masked with fruits and vegetables, but the more you add, the harder it is to mask the flavor.

When To Drink Spirulina Smoothie?

Because spirulina is nutrient-packed and high in protein, it is a great pre or post-workout smoothie. It is also a wonderful smoothie to start your day! I like to begin my day with a spirulina smoothie and drink it on an empty stomach, allowing my body maximum absorption of the nutrients to fuel my day!

What Can You Mix With Spirulina?

People who do not mind the taste of spirulina can mix spirulina with water. Spirulina also pairs well with pineapple, mango, or orange juice or when combined with these fruits in a smoothie.

overhead show of two green smoothies

Sea Moss Spirulina Smoothie

Like spirulina, sea moss is also a superfood algae. A lot of people wonder, “how to take sea moss?”. One of the best and easiest to consume sea moss is in a smoothie. The flavor is undetectable and blends in perfectly with any ingredients you use. If you are new to sea moss and want to learn more about it, check out my post: Sea Moss Gel + Benefits.

I add Sea Moss to all of my smoothies. Try adding it to yours for even more of a nutrient boost!

For more plant-based protein-dense smoothies, try our favorite Chocolate Zucchini Smoothie or Post-Workout Smoothie. Add all three of these smoothies to your weekly rotation for a nutrient-packed week!

Two spirulina smoothie with spirulina powder, sliced pineapple, and zucchini in the background

I hope you enjoy this Spirulina Smoothie Recipe! 

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Spirulina Smoothie

This delicious Spirulina Smoothie is filled with tropical flavors and a huge boost of detoxifying, alkalizing, and immunity-boosting nutrients! It's ultra-satisfying, creamy, and super easy to make! Add a tablespoon or two of sea moss gel to pack in even more nutrients!
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American, Healthy Options
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 Smoothies
Calories: 301kcal
Author: Capri Lilly


  • 2 tsp Spirulina Powder
  • 1.5 cup Frozen Mango
  • 1.5 cup Frozen Pineapple
  • 1.5 tbsp Hemp Seeds
  • 1.5 cup Non-Dairy Milk, plus more as desired
  • 1 Small Zucchini, peeled and cut into cubes (about 3/4 cup)

Optional Add-ins

  • 2-3 tbsp Sea Moss Gel, optional


  • Combine all the ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth
  • If the drink is thicker than you’d like, add more non-dairy milk to reach your desired consistency. If you would like to make it thicker, add more frozen fruit and blend until you reach your desired consistency.
  • Serve immediately. Enjoy!


This recipe makes two smoothies. Best enjoyed immediately. It can remain in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 1 day.


Serving: 1smoothie | Calories: 301kcal | Carbohydrates: 39.3g | Protein: 11.1g | Fat: 12.7g | Saturated Fat: 0.08g | Sodium: 135mg | Potassium: 351mg | Fiber: 4.5g | Sugar: 31.1g | Calcium: 42mg | Iron: 3mg

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  1. 5 stars
    Thank you for this recipe! I went crazy and bought spirulina not knowing how to use it. I made it into a smoothie and it was horrible! Your recipe has healed me from the trauma. The pineapple and mango made a WORLD of difference.

  2. 5 stars
    I’ve just recently joined the Spirulina bandwagon, after thinking it would taste like sea water. Didn’t taste that at all with this smoothie! I also added a spoonful of sea moss gel.

  3. 5 stars
    This smoothie was the perfect morning pick me up start I needed, I thought I wouldn’t taste much of the mango because of the zucchini but it was actually the perfect balance.

  4. 5 stars
    From the great taste to the bright color, I really enjoyed this smoothie! I’ll be making this often because the health benefits are awesome! Thank you for this recipe.

  5. 5 stars
    Because I’m a borderline vegetarian I’m always looking for unconventional ways to pack in the protein. This smoothie achieved that while simultaneously tasting great!

  6. 5 stars
    I saw this on your Tik Tok and raannnnn for the recipe! This drink was so refreshing and satisfying. I normally start my day with a healthy smoothie and will absolutely add this to my round up. Thanks for sharing this tasty drink, it really gave my body the immunity booster it needed!

  7. 5 stars
    I love spirulina and was so happy I could make it again using this wonderful recipe. My smoothie turned out refreshing and delicious, thank you!

  8. 5 stars
    I have tried to make a spirulina smoothie in the past and wasn’t very successful but this recipe was perfect! The mangoes and pineapple add the perfect amount of sweetness while the spirulina and zucchini add nutrition. I’m adding this recipe to my smoothie menu.

  9. 5 stars
    This has been incorporated into my daily routine! Not only is is super nutritious, super creamy but it tastes hella good too! I love how you taught us fun ways to use sea moss too!

  10. 5 stars
    I made a round of these for the family and everyone asked for seconds! Love that I could sneak the zucchini in without any resistance. Thank you!

  11. 5 stars
    Enjoyed this after a workout and my husband and I loved it! It was refreshing, the flavor was on point and we most especially liked the addition of zucchini and spirulina; such a delicious and nutritious boost in smoothie form.

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