Vegan Starbucks Copycat


Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

It's Pumpkin Season and this Creamy Cold Brew is the drink of the fall! It is filled with warm pumpkin spices and topped with a creamy pumpkin foam that is made completely dairy-free! 

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1. Cold Brew Starbucks Cold Brew is a great option!

Here Is What You Will Need

Combine coconut milk, almond milk, pumpkin puree & spice, vanilla, & maple syrup to make the pumpkin cream cold foam

Pour Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Into Iced Cold Brew And Sprinkle With Cinnamon

Pro Tip: prepare your pumpkin cream cold foam the night before so it thickens while in the fridge

Stir to combine

Top with pumpkin spice and enjoy!

Craving A Pumpkin Spice Latte? Try This Dairy-Free PSL Recipe! It's super easy to make at home!

Grab all the recipe details and nutritional information below via the link!


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