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Fire Cider

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Fire Cider is a herbal health tonic and folk remedy that helps boost your immune system, improve digestion, and prevent a cold or flu.

Fire Cider Tonic is an age-old remedy that is popular in the herbal community, especially popular during flu season. It is a mixture of horseradish, turmeric, garlic, oranges, ginger, herbs, and peppers all fermented in apple cider vinegar.

Here's What You'll Need!

Apple Cider Vinegar Fresh Horseradish Ginger & Turmeric Onion and Garlic Orange and Lemon Hot Peppers Fresh Herbs Cinnamon Sticks   Whole Black Peppercorns Raw Honey (to sweeten)

Making Fire Cider is easy. Simply add the ingredients to a large airtight mason jar and cover the ingredients with apple cider vinegar

Store the mixture in a dry, cool place for 3-4 weeks. Give the jar a shake daily

 Strain out the pulp and solid ingredients. Squeeze as much liquid out of the ingredients as you can. Store the liquid in an airtight mason jar.

Enjoy a shot of fire cider daily in the morning! You can also use it to cook, add to salad dressings, use it as a marinade, and more! 

Grab all the recipe details and nutritional information below via the link!


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