Best Salad Recipes

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Healthy + Flavorful!

There is no need to have a boring salad! These Salads are easy to make, delicious, AND packed with nutrients!  

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Detox Cucubmer Salad

A detoxifying  salad filled with vibrant vegetables and herbs, and tossed in a simple vinaigrette

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Smoked Salmon Salad

This salad is bursting with smoky flavor, crunchy cucumbers and radishes, briny olives and capers, bright dill, and a creamy, tangy dressing.

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Beet, Feta, Orange Salad

This delicious salad is a sweet and savory mix of veggies, nuts, fruit, and cheese, tossed in a citrus vinaigrette

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Southwest Chicken Salad

This Southwest Chicken Salad is made with bold flavors and tossed in a avocado cilantro dressing!

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Superfood Salad

With 10 simple ingredients, you’ll have a nutrient-dense, protein-packed salad tossed in a tasty citrus vinaigrette that brings all the flavors together!

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Cantaloupe Prosciutto Salad

This salad is bursting with rich flavors from ripe cantaloupe, peppery arugula, and salty prosciutto tossed in a honey lime dressing.

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