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How To Dry Brine Turkey

Dry Brining turkey is a much easier, more efficient way to prepare and tenderize a turkey before cooking. You don't need a large gallon-sized bucket and it won't require half of the space in your refrigerator.

Simply rub the turkey with the dry brine mixture, then place it in the fridge for 24 to 72 hours. The end result is a perfectly brined turkey ready to roast, grill, or deep-fry!

Benefits of Dry Brining

-Less Mess -No Need For On Oversized Bin Or Trash Bag -Makes The Meat More Tender -Flavor Gets Seeped Into The Skin AND The Meat -Creates The Perfect Golden, Crispy Crust When Cooked

Here Are Some Tips On How To Dry BRine TUrkey


Use Coarse Kosher Salt or Coarse Sea Salt.  DO NOT USE TABLE SALT. It will result in an overly salty turkey. 

Rub the brine all over the skin and under the skin directly on the turkey breast, and legs. Rubbing the brine on the turkey breasts is especially important because this tends to be the thickest part and needs to tenderize.

Do not rinse off the brine before cooking or it will ruin all your hard work. Don't worry, your turkey will not be salty! 

You can dry brine any cut of meat. And any cooking method works. You can fry, roast, or grill! 

We Spatchcocked, Dry-Brined, and Roasted Our Turkey. By spatchcocking the turkey, it cooks flat in the oven, which significantly reduces the cooking time. In less than 2 hours you have a perfect, tender, juicy whole turkey! 

Spatchcock Turkey

It's the best way to cook turkey for Thanksgiving! And it turns out perfect every time!

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