Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gel


A Delicious Way To Enjoy Sea Moss!

Fruit Infused Sea Moss Gel is an incredible way to enjoy the benefits of sea moss! No need for mixing this sea moss gel into a smoothie or drink! The sea moss takes on the flavor of the fruit it is blended with so you can simply grab a spoonful right out of the jar and enjoy it as is!

It tastes just like fruit-flavored applesauce, but it’s packed with amazing nutrients! Made with only 4 ingredients, this fruit-infused sea moss gel is alkaline, vegan, naturally sweetened, and gluten-free!

Here is what you will need!

1. Fresh or Frozen Fruit 2. Cleaned and Soaked Sea Moss 3. Alkaline Water 4. Medjool Dates

For the best results, start by measuring the amount of dry sea moss needed.

Place the dried sea moss in a large bowl, cover it with water,  massage the sea moss, and remove any visible dirt and debris.

Cover the sea moss with water. Allow the sea moss to soak for 12-24 hours. (at room temperature)

Here is what your Sea Moss will Look like after it has been soaked and expands!

Add the Soaked Sea Moss To A High-Powered Blender

Add the Fruit, Dates, and Alkaline Water To The Blender.  (The dates naturally sweeten the sea moss gel. You can also use agave syrup.

Blend Until Smooth

Transfer the Fruit-infused Sea Moss Gel into an airtight mason jar. Store in the refrigerator

You can use any of your favorite fruit to make Fruit-infused sea moss gel! Here is Strawberry Fruit-Infused Sea Moss Gel

Enjoy 1-2 tbsp a day!

Grab all the recipe details + a step by step video below via the link!