Adrenal Cocktail

Adrenal Support Mocktail Recipe

The adrenal cocktail alludes to the adrenal glands, which are hormone-producing organs situated atop your kidneys. These glands oversee vital functions such as metabolism, blood pressure, and the body's reaction to stress. The components within this drink help balance the adrenal system and promote overall well-being.

BENEFITS OF ADRENAL COCKTAIL  -Replenish Electrolyte Balance - Balance Hormones Like Cortisol -High In Vitamin C, Which Helps To Boost The Immune System -Rich The Body Produce Collagen –Contains Essential Minerals

Find Out How easy it is to make! 

The Adrenal Cocktail isn't actually an alcoholic drink, but a delicious mixture of nutrient-dense liquids. Drink in leiu of a cocktail when you need a nourishing boost!  


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Adrenal Cocktail Recipe


2 drinks




2 minutes




Ingredients You'll Need: Orange Juice, Coconut Water, Sea Salt

Mix The Ingredients Together And Enjoy!

The Simple Version is a ratio of  – ½ cup Orange Juice – ½ cup Coconut Water – ¼ tsp Sea Salt

Enjoy a glass first thing in the morning, after a workout, or anytime throughout the day!

There are many variations! You can add coconut cream and it will taste like a delicious orange popsicle!

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