Easy, nourishing 

Maca Drinks To Try at home! 


Maca root is an adaptogenic that helps to boost energy, endurance, fertility, mood, and more! It has a warm, earthy, nutty flavor and is most commonly used in powder form.You can add maca powder to your diet easily by adding it to juices, warm drinks, porridge, cereals, oatmeal, stews, smoothies, and more!

Maca latte

Skip the morning coffee and enjoy a Maca Latte instead. It is a delicious energizing caffeine-free drink.

Golden Maca LAtte

This is a delightful blend of nutrient-rich turmeric and superfood maca to create a tasty caffeine-free latte that is perfect to start your day or a great afternoon pick-me-up.


This Zucchini Smoothie tastes like creamy chocolate milk but it is loaded with nutrients! With the addition of maca, it is great smoothie to enjoy after a workout!

Chocolate Maca Smoothie

This rich, chocolatey smoothie may taste like an indulgence but it’s actually full of nutritious ingredients that will have you feeling refreshed.

Post workout Smoothie

Maca Powder is blended with coconut water, blueberries, avocado, spinach, and protein powder to give you this nourishing post-workout smoothie!

Maca hot chocolate

Maca has a nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with nutrient-dense raw cacao powder to make this rich, decadent Maca Hot Chocolate!

Bonus! No Bake Superfood Bars

A variety of nuts, seeds, and other superfoods like maca and camu camu are combined to make bars packed full of nutrients.

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