Instant Pot Creamy Parsnip Mash


Instant Pot Creamy Parsnip Mash is the perfect side dish if you’re looking for a tasty mix-up from your typical carb-heavy mashed potatoes. With its rich, garlicky, cheesy flavor it is a great accompaniment to any meal! (This parsnip mash is easily customizable and can be made vegan!)

Here's what you'll need

Instant Pot Parsnip Mash Can Be Made In 4 Simple Steps!

Want To Make This parsnip Mash vegan?

Skip the heavy whipping cream and instead add 2-3 tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. If you want your parsnip mash to have a cheesy flavor, add nutritional yeast.

It's The Perfect, Tasty Side Dish!

This Parsnip Mash Pairs Perfectly With Your Favorite Main Dish! Need Ideas? Try These Garlic Herb Lamb Shoulder Chops!


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